Programação QGIS Open Day – Agosto

Dia 27 de Agosto é dia de QGIS Open Day com o tema Anything Awesome in QGIS.

Este mês o evento terá uma sessão liderada por Tim Sutton em género de workshop, onde os participantes podem descarregar um modelo digital e acompanhar a sessão fazendo os seus próprios mapas.

Programação deste mês (todas as comunicações são em inglês):

saniBID RedBasica – plugin to assist in sewage collection networks projects

Time: 27 August 2021 11h00 UTC.

Duration: ~30 mins

Venue: Youtube Live Stream Link

Presenter: Leonardo Nazareth

Description: The lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation is one of the biggest problems the world has to face, especially when it comes to developing nations, it is estimated that:

  • 2 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services.
  • 3.6 billion people (almost half of the global population) lack safely managed sanitation services.

The Open-Source philosophy can be very supportive, encouraging access to information or developing free and open access technologies, which I believe is the best way to train qualified professionals to face the problem. With that in mind, I joined my two passions, QGIS and sanitation, and I’ve been helping to develop a plugin called saniBID RedBasica that helps in the design and dimensioning of sewage collection networks and works for both Conventional and Condominial methodology, but which has exclusive tools for design condominium systems.

Creating 3D Models for QGIS using ODM

Time: 27 August 2021 12h00 UTC.

Duration: ~1 hr

Venue: Youtube Live Stream Link

Presenter: Victoria Neema and Tim Sutton

Description: This presentation will cover how to create a 3D model to use as a 3D symbol in QGIS using ODM. It will include:

  • How to generate a 3D model of an object from a cellphone video using ODM.
  • How to editing the 3D model using Blender.
  • How to add the 3D model as a 3D symbol in QGIS.

Freestyling with QGIS

Time: 27 August 2021 14h00 UTC.

Duration: ~1 hr

Venue: Youtube Live Stream Link

Presenter: Tim Sutton and You!

Description: This is going to be something a little different:

  • We are going to make a randomly generated DEM at the start of the session
  • The DEM will be shared on GitHub
  • You can follow along by downloading the DEM
  • What follows will be a freestyle session where I take the DEM and see how interesting a map I can make with it using only the DEM, datasets derived from it, or new data captured locally during the session.
  • You can follow along trying to replicate what I do or use your imagination to make your own fantasy map
  • At the end of the session share screenshots of work, and if possible the project and we will give a QGIS mug to the winner!

You can create your own procedurally generated DEM using this module (python 3) or this module (python 2) using a command like this:

python3 –width 2000 –height 2000 –waterratio 0.3 –island –preset mountainous_island dem.tif