Programação QGIS Open Day – Julho

Dia 30 de Julho é dia de QGIS Open Day com o tema All things QGIS Graphical Modeler.

Programação deste mês (todas as comunicações são em inglês):

Touring the QGIS model builder and surrounding ecosystem

Time: 30 July 2021 11h00 UTC.

Duration: ~60 mins

Venue: Youtube Live Stream Link

Presenter: Charlie

Description: A whirlwind tour of the QGIS Graphical Modeler, a tool that provides powerful visual programming functionality for spatial data processing pipelines and workflow design. The session will start off with describing what it is and how to use it, before digging into some of the elements and architecture in the surrounding ecosystem. By the conclusion of the session, all participants should have an idea on how to create their own models, as well as source community developed models and integrate them into their projects.

Remote Sensing of Vegetation: Philippi Horticultural Area

Time: 30 July 2021 12h00 UTC.

Duration: ~60 mins

Venue: Youtube Live Stream Link

Presenter: Kevin Musungu

Description: The Philippi Horticultural Area (PHA) in Southern Cape Town provides more than 50% of the Cape Town’s fresh produce. In addition, it is located over the Cape Flats Aquifer that has the potential to service more than one third of Cape Town’s drinking water needs. This is particularly important in light of recent drought conditions affecting the city. Development in the PHA, especially with surface hardening, could have significant effects on the food and water security for Cape Town. The aim of this study was to test four machine learning algorithms using the Semi-automatic and Dzetsaka Plugins in QGIS and establish the best one to use for change detection studies in the area.

Curve Number Generator Plugin – Journey From a GIS Workflow to QGIS Plugin

Time: 30 July 2021 17h00 UTC.

Duration: 20 mins

Venue: Youtube Live Stream Link

Presenter: Abdul Raheem Siddiqui

Description: This talk will cover:

  • The functionality of the Curve Number Generator plugin; how can one download multiple datasets within the US with few clicks and create a Curve Number dataset.
  • A high-level tour of the plugin development journey giving a beginner-level perspective on how one can turn a GIS workflow into a Published Plugin using Graphical Modeler, Plugin Builder, and other sources of help.