Programação QGIS Open Day – Junho

Dia 26 de Junho acontece o Open GIS Day dedicado aos mapas.

Nesta edição podemos assistir à apresentação de Alexandre Neto com o tema “Azores Land Use Cartography automation: unveiling the tricks.”

Aqui fica a programação completa desta mês (todas as comunicações são em inglês).

Qasketball: spatial analysis and visualization of basketball with QGIS

Time: 25 June 2021 10h00 UTC.

Duration: 60 mins

Venue: Youtube Live Stream Link

Presenter: Ben Hur Pintor

The presentation is about how QGIS (and other open source tools) can be used for the spatial analysis and visualization of basketball games. It will talk about the data needed and common analysis and visualization tools that can be used for the task. In particular, it will show a case study of the University Athletics Association of the Philippines Men’s Basketball Tournament. Check out the image below for an example.

Azores Land Use Cartography automation: unveiling the tricks

Time: 25 June 2021 11h00 UTC.

Duration: 60 mins

Venue: Youtube Live Stream Link

Presenter: Alexandre Neto

Cartography is not just layer styling, labeling, and layout design. This presentation is about the production of Azores Land Use Cartography (COSA18) using QGIS and PostGIS. The project included the 9 Azorean islands, covered by 34 sheets in 3 different levels of detail (similar to CORINE Land Cover levels). As a bonus, two coordinate systems were used and not all sheets were regular or of the same size. Fortunately, QGIS features such as the atlas, expressions, and data-defined properties, allowed me to fully automate the process. The presentation is primarily about the small “tricks” that saved my day(s).

LIDAR and QGIS – beginning of beautiful friendship – vol.3

Time: 25 June 2021 12h30 UTC

Duration: 60 mins

Venue: Youtube Live Stream Link

Presenter: Tibor Lieskovsky

Next in a series of sessions demonstrating LiDAR visualization techniques used for cultural heritage.and the exporting of visualizations for computers and mobile devices. AS well as the optimalization of LiDAR data in raster form (because they are huge).

QGIS Actions Deep Dive

Time: 25 June 2021 13h30 UTC

Duration: 60 mins

Venue: Youtube Live Stream Link

Presenter: Ujaval Gandhi

QGIS allows you to define custom Actions on map layers. This action can run commands or python code when the user clicks on a feature. This talk will cover QGIS Actions in detail along with demos on how you can harness its power to automate GIS workflows. We will focus on Python Actions and go through various examples of implementing new functionality and automating tasks with just a few lines of code.

  • Managing Imagery Collections: Using a tile index and a few lines of PyQGIS, set up an action to browse and view selected rasters in QGIS.
  • Group Selection: Define an action to query and select multiple features with just a single click
  • Reverse Geocoding: Reverse Geocode an address with your street network layer
  • Display Street-level Imagery: Build an action to display geotagged street-level imagery from Mapillary in QGIS
  • Automating Data QA: Create an action to update an attribute field of a feature automatically