Methods and Applications of Geospatial Technology in Sustainable Urbanism


José António Tenedório (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal), Rossana Estanqueiro (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal) and Cristina Delgado Henriques (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal).


While megacities are a reality, so too are the environmental disturbances that they cause, including air and water pollution. These disturbances can be modeled with technology and data obtained by modern methods, such as by drone, to monitor cities in near real-time as well as help to simulate risk situations and propose future solutions. These solutions can be inspired by the theoretical principles of sustainable urbanism.

Methods and Applications of Geospatial Technology in Sustainable Urbanism is a collection of innovative research that combines theory and practice on analyzing urban environments and applying sustainability principles to them. Highlighting a wide range of topics including geographic information systems, internet mapping technologies, and green urbanism, this book is ideally designed for urban planners, public administration officials, landscape analysts, geographers, engineers, entrepreneurs, academicians, researchers, and students.

Tabela de Conteúdos

Chapter 1
Srutisudha Mohanty, Jagabandhu Panda, Sudhansu S. Rath
Chapter 3
Raquel Faria de Deus, José António Tenedório, Jorge Rocha
Chapter 4
Rui Pedro Juliao, Amilton Amorim, João Paulo Hespanha, Guilherme Henrique Barros de Souza, Ronaldo Celso Messias Correia, Rafael Delli Colli Destro
Chapter 5
Lívia Rodrigues Tomás, Maria Carolina Barbosa Jurema, Janaina Cassiano dos Santos, Luciana de Resende Londe, Regina Tortorella Reani, Claudia de Albuquerque Linhares, Leonardo B. L. Santos
Chapter 6
José Gomes dos Santos, Liliana Raquel Simões Azevedo, Luís Carlos Roseiro Leitão
Chapter 7
Sudhansu S. Rath, Jagabandhu Panda, Srutisudha Mohanty
Chapter 8
Swagata Ghosh, Krishna Vidhata N., Sunil Kumar, Kousik Midya
Chapter 9
Teresa Santos, Caio Silva, José António Tenedório, Thiago Montenegro Góes
Chapter 10
Pedro Dias Boa Sorte, Caio Silva, Abner L. Calixter, Marta A. B. Romero
Chapter 11
David R. Green, Billy J. Gregory, Jason J. Hagon, Alex R. Karachok, Jakob Larsen, Alastair Skitmore
Chapter 12
Josep Roca, Blanca Arellano
Chapter 13
Andrea Figueiredo Arruda, Cristina Delgado Henriques, Claudio Santos de Miranda
Chapter 14
Luis Marques, Josep Roca
Chapter 15
Tetiana Shmelova, Vitalii Lazorenko, Oleksandr Burlaka
Chapter 16
Engelberth Soto-Estrada, Ann Wellens, Andrés Pava-Restrepo, Camilo Hernández Mejía
Chapter 17
Konstantin Dergachov, Anatolii Kulik
Chapter 18
Rossana Estanqueiro, José António Tenedório, Carla Rebelo, Joao Pedro Marques