Special Issue “Measuring, Mapping, Modeling, and Visualization of Cities” – prazo de submissão de artigos alargado

O número especial da revista ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (ISSN 2220-9964), com o tema Measuring, Mapping, Modeling, and Visualization of Cities, tem um prazo para submissão de artigos até 31 de dezembro, 2020. Este número especial tem como Editor Convidado José António Tenedório, da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

Os detalhes para a submissão de artigos podem ser consultados aqui.

“This Special Issue is dedicated to measuring, mapping, modeling, and visualization of cities and urban environments. The in-depth knowledge of urban environments and cities depends heavily on building evidence based on geo-information. This construction of evidence of functioning (forms, flows, trends, rhythms, intensities, systems, hierarchies, etc.) and of urban change (in urban functions, in the virtualization of commerce and services, in the use of public space, urban thermal comfort, etc.) depends of the quality of geographical data. Public policies (consideration of environmental and urban risks, soft mobility, alternative energies, sustainability, circular economy, among other policies) should be based on measurement (spatial data acquisition), mapping (spatialization data), modeling the current situation, and simulating future situations using intensive visualization, including virtual visualization.” – Excerto da apresentação do número especial, por José António Tenedório.