ESRI MOOC – Going Places With Spatial Analysis

Another MOOC from ESRI, starting  August 12, until September 23, 2020.

Going Places With Spatial Analysis is a course that aims to promote a deeper understanding of spatial data analysis.

This course uses ArcGIS online, and runs totally online at a free pace.

Course Syllabus

Section 1
Geography Matters
This lesson introduces spatial analysis and all the different ways that location affects our lives. It identifies the tools and data used to explore spatial questions and problems.

Section 2
Understanding and Comparing Places
Different locations host different physical and cultural features and populations. Locations can be described and summarized with attributes and can be compared to one another.

Section 3
Determining How Places are Related
How you arrange your data affects how you understand locations. Choosing the appropriate scale and combining meaningful data sets can help reveal relationships.

Section 4
Finding the Best Locations and Paths
Topology defines spatial relationships between features. Querying these relationships along with specific attributes helps find optimal locations for activities, structures and routes.

Section 5
Detecting and Quantifying Patterns
Information on the distribution patterns of a phenomenon can guide policies that encourage positive activities and deter negative ones.

Section 6
Making Predictions
Models help predict the situation in locations where data is not available and help analysts understand the underlying causes of patterns.