Webinar – WeObserve Open Data Challenge


This webinar organised by the H2020 WeObserve project, will introduce the story of EU’s richest citizen generated environmental datasets, spanning four Citizens’ Observatory projects: LandSenseGROWGroundTruth 2.0 and SCENT. Citizen Observatories are a series of projects where people across the world come together to monitor how their local areas and the planet are changing. These projects have engaged tens of thousands of “citizen scientists” who assisted in gathering data at unprecedented scale for environmental dimensions relevant to their local area, such as air and water quality, wildlife, land cover and soil.

This webinar is for Earth observation experts, citizen-scientists, researchers, software engineers, solutions providers, and other interested audiences that want to find out more about WeObserve open datasets, and explore ideas to take part in the Open Data Challenge to solve the following social and environmental themes:

  1. Ecosystem monitoring: Phenology, biodiversity and land cover;
  2. Public infrastructure management – Soil Moisture and Drainage, Flood Mapping;
  3. Community-Based Disaster Management: Flood, Fire, Drought, Heatwave Services, Landslide;
  4. Regenerative food growing: yields, sustainable practices and natural pest control;
  5. Pollution monitoring and health: Water quality, air quality;
  6. Engaging young people on open data and climate: Education;
  7. Other: Innovative applications of WeObserve data e.g. COVID19