Spatial Analysis, Modelling and Planning

Spatial Analysis, Modelling and Planning

Publicado: 28 de Novembro, 2018

Livro editado por Jorge Rocha e Co-editado por José António Tenedório.


1. Introductory Chapter: Spatial Analysis, Modelling, and Planning
 José António Tenedório and Jorge Rocha

2. One World, One Health Challenge: The Holistic Understanding of Rickettsiosis Integrating Multi-Criteria Analysis Techniques and Spatial Statistics
Diego Montenegro, Ana Paula da Cunha, Ingrid Machado, Liliane Duraes, Stefan Vilges de Oliveira, Marcel Pedroso, Gilberto S. Gazêta and Reginaldo P. Brazil

3. Spatial Analysis of Bifenthrin Sediment and Water Concentrations in California Waterbodies from 2001 to 2017
Lenwood W. Hall and Ronald D. Anderson

4. Absolute Density Measures Estimation Functions with Very High Resolution Satellite Images
Ana Cristina Gonçalves and Adélia M. O. Sousa

5. Evaluating the Effectiveness of CCTV in Baltimore, Maryland
Brian Ways and Brooks C. Pearson

6. The Use of Photos of the Social Networks in Shaping a New Tourist Destination: Analysis of Clusters in a GIS Environment
Hélder Tiago da Silva Lopes, Paula Cristina Almeida Cadima Remoaldo and Vitor Ribeiro

7. Modelling Driving Forces of Urban Growth with Fuzzy Sets and GIS
Khalid Al-Ahmadi

8. Quantification and Prediction of Land Consumption and Its Climate Effects in the Rhineland Metropolitan Area Based on Multispectral Satellite Data and Land-Use Modelling 1975–2030
Andreas Rienow, Nora Jennifer Schneevoigt and Frank Thonfeld

9. Fusion Study of Geography and Environmental Engineering
Toshiaki Ichinose

10. Generating Reality with Geosimulation Models: An Agent-Based Social-Spatial Network Modelling Perspective
Andreas Koch

11. Formal Urban Dynamics, Policy and Implications on Urban Planning: Perspectives on Kampala, Uganda
John J. Williams and Fred Bidandi

12. Risk Analysis and Land Use Planning
Valentina Svalova

13. Political Economy and the Work of Kenneth Arrow
Norman Schofield