Geographic Information Systems and Science

Geographic Information Systems and Science

Publicado: 13 de Novembro de 2019.

Livro editado por Jorge Rocha e Patrícia Abrantes


1. Introductory Chapter: Geographic Information Systems and Science
Cláudia M. Viana, Patrícia Abrantes and Jorge Rocha

2. Evaluation of Nursing Facility Locations Using the Specialization Coefficient of the Population Aging Rate
Koya Tsukahara and Kayoko Yamamot

3. Machine Learning-Based Method for Urban Lifeline System Resilience Assessment in GIS*
Wenjie Huang and Mengzhi Ling

4. The Study of Risk Assessment of Soil Liquefaction on Land Development and Utilization by GIS in Taiwan
Lien-Kwei Chien, Jing-Ping Wu and Wen-Chien Tseng

5. Modeling the Environment with Remote Sensing and GIS: Applied Case Studies from Diverse Locations of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Salem Issa and Nazmi Saleous

6. GIS and Remote Sensing for Mangroves Mapping and Monitoring
Hamdan Omar, Muhamad Afizzul Misman and Samsudin Musa

7. GIS and Big Data Visualization
Junghoon Ki

8. Google Earth Augmented for Earthwork Construction Planning
Duanshun Li, Ming Lu and Rod Wales

9. Volunteered Geographic Information System and Its Contribution in Service Sector Employment
Nuggehalli Narayanachar Ramaprasad and Priya Narayanan