Free online course – Smart Cities

ETH Zurich is offering a free online course on Smart Cities.
In this 10 weeks course you will learn to:

  • Understand the concept of smart cities, why these are still prototypes and what the challenges are.
  • Identify the principle of stocks and flows of information in cities at different scales.
  • Understand the concept of citizen design science and its importance for responsive cities.
  • Understand the concept of complexity science in the context of architecture and city planning.
  • Learn through citizen design science how you can interact and get involved in the planning of your own cities.
  • Articulate what a responsive city is, and identify the criteria for a city to be responsive.

The course can have a verified certificate for 45€.

This course is part of the “Future Cities” XSeries, and builds on the experiences from the first two urban MOOCs: Future Cities and Livability in Future Cities.

Register at edX Smart Cities

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